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Most people average making funeral arrangement three times in their life and rarely consider the costs associated with paying for a funeral.  Funeral costs are escalating beyond the reach of average Americans ability to pay out of pocket from their own cash resources.  According to the National Funeral Directors Association the average funeral expenses for a burial is $8508.00 which includes services provided, casket and outer burial container (vault).  Not included is the cemetery costs; cemetery space, open/close of the grave site and marker which adds another $4000 to a typical burial.  Additionally, “cash advance items” (services or products not sold by the funeral home for profit) like an obituary, flowers, honorariums and so on could pile on another $1000.  So you have to ask yourself, if your loved one died with no life insurance where are you going to get $13,508.00?

Paying for a funeral is now made simple with Funeral Pay for consumers that are faced with paying funeral expenses for a deceased loved one.  Funeral homes and cemeteries require full payment “up front” and typically offer any funeral payment plans for immediate or at-need funeral arrangements.  Funeral consumers now have the option of applying for a funeral loan online from their own computer, tablet or smartphone.  By receiving a quick response and upon approval deposit of funds as soon as 24 hours into the applicants bank account, consumers can make funeral arrangements with the confidence of having available funds to pay for the funeral expenses.

Paying for a funeral adds only anguish to losing a loved one especially if the family is financially struggling and the deceased made no provisions or plans to pay for their own funeral expenses.  Apply now at Funeral Pay to pre-qualify for a funeral loan to have peace of mind making funeral arrangements and remove the worry associated with paying for a funeral. #funeralpayplan

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  • Carl Ratterman

    Having another viable option to make payment arrangements to take some pressure off of the family. Often, the stress can make every decision feel like another tragedy piled on.

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